Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scholarships, Inc. a new program?
No, Scholarships, Inc. was organized in 1962 by nine community-spirited citizens.

What is the purpose of Scholarships, Inc.?
Scholarships, Inc. attracts, administers, and distributes financial contributions to qualified and worthy students who seek a college education. We also provide programming that encourages educational and personal growth of area students. Find out about our programs here.

Are you a nonprofit organization?
Yes. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which depends on donor and community support to assist students in meeting college costs. Donations are tax-deductible.

How are the number and sizes of awards determined?
The amount distributed is based on the funds available. Scholarships, Inc. has grown a sizable scholarship fund and returns a percentage of the principal in the form of scholarships to the Brown and Door County communities. Brown and Door County contributions are distributed to their respective county.

Are entering college freshman the only students eligible to apply for awards?
No, there are other categories of awards available in addition to the Traditional Award. We also provide scholarships through the Distinguished Student Award, and the Second Year Renewal Award. We also administer scholarships for various organizations. More information.

How do I apply?
Scholarship applications are available through this website - please visit the Scholarships tab to learn more. Completed scholarship applications must be submitted on or before the deadline related to the application type - deadlines are posted here.

The application period for graduating high school seniors is typically December/January through early April. Semi-finalists are notified in May (after their high school's senior award ceremony) that they must complete an additional questionnaire, which is usually due in mid-June. Final recipients are notified in late June/early July.

Students eligible for a renewal opportunity will receive a notice to reapply via email in May.

Are there specific colleges that I must attend?
No, but you must attend a fully-accredited, degree-granting four-year college or university or a technical college in the United States. Some Partner Scholarships may require recipients to attend a specific college or university.

Are there residence requirements for the scholarships?
County of residence is not a criteria but you must be a graduate of one of the 18 high schools located in either Brown or Door County (view the complete list here). However, some of our Partner Scholarships are available to students graduating from schools located in other Wisconsin counties, too; see the Partner Scholarships tab for additional information.

What are the basic requirements to receive a scholarship?
Our scholarships take financial need into consideration, as determined by the FAFSA. We also give serious consideration to academics, community service, leadership, and extracurriculars. The applicant must write a personal expression of educational desires, submit records of high school academic and extracurricular achievements, supply references, and upload a confidential Student Aid Report (SAR).

Who makes the selection?
There is a screening committee selected annually and confidentially from the community. They review and score applications according to the previously mentioned criteria.

May a student receive a Scholarships, Inc. award if he or she receives funds from another source?
Yes! However, some of the aid may be withdrawn if a student's financial need was met by the other scholarships or grants.

Where does the money come from?
The money comes from Brown and Door County individuals, businesses, and organizations. Find out how to donate here.

What is a "named" award?
A donation of $1,000 or more means a scholarship can be awarded and "named" on your behalf or in memory/honor of a loved one, and the recipient of that award will be notified of your generosity. It is a wonderful way to personalize your donation and hear directly from the student receiving your award.

Couldn't find the answer to your question on our website?
We can be contacted by email.

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