Our Mission and Vision

Mission - Encourage and invest in area students to succeed in higher education
Vision - Every student has access to the tools necessary to pursue higher education

We continually refine our scholarship application and selection process to adapt to economic and social changes. By submitting just one application, a student can be considered for awards from Scholarships, Inc., along with several other Partner Scholarships. Our small staff allows contributed dollars to go directly to students, not to high overhead costs. One hundred percent of our annual contributions are awarded.

In early 2013, the board of directors and staff acknowledged a need in the community that would help develop college success and scholarship ready-youth. Through a strategic planning process with a Milwaukee-based consultant, the organization began to create a college readiness program, which was driven by the need to fully meet the non-financial part of the organization's mission: helping students beyond scholarships. This program, NEW Scholars, renewed Scholarships, Inc.'s commitment to the community, which prompted a revised mission and vision statement.

The first-ever cohort of NEW Scholars was introduced on July 30, 2014 at our Lamp of Knowledge Celebration, where our 2014 scholarship recipients were also presented with their awards.