Leave a Legacy of Education

This country's greatest resource is its students. Our future depends on the continuous flow of energized, well-educated young people into our work force and communities. Yet, most of today's college-bound students face a heavy financial burden. Escalating college costs stand in their path, shortening their reach and, in too many cases, limiting their potential.

Consider the financial load (in-state tuition & fees and room & board) a student today is faced with at these schools:

  • UW-Green Bay - $19,222
  • UW-Madison - $25,294
  • St. Norbert College - $46,575
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering - $50,015
  • Marquette University - $53,218

Most students cannot cover the full costs of their education; their families are financially stretched to the limit. Too many students must work long hours to pay their college tuition, which takes time away from their studies and prevents their participation in valuable extracurricular and resume-building activities. And, in most cases, these earnings still aren't enough to cover their educational expenses. In fact, at minimum wage, today's students would have to work 70 hours a week to afford higher education without incurring additional expense.

Is this the best way to manage our greatest resource? If we want to continue building this community--its families, institutions, and businesses--our students need our support and investment in their pursuit of higher education.


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