Careers at Scholarships, Inc.

As needed, we hire staff to be a part of our highly effective team to bring our mission and vision to life. We rely on candidates with solid education and related experience, as well as a rare dedication to the greater good. If you have the right mix of experience, discipline, and humility needed to help us accomplish our goals, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Current openings

No openings at this time.


Scholarships, Inc. Culture

•   Passionate. We are driven to find, encourage and fund outstanding students in our community who would not otherwise have the opportunity for higher education.
•   Smart. We see the end result and make swift and thoughtful decisions to get there.
•   Creative. We generate new, valuable answers to thorny problems.
•   Not just good - GREAT!  We constantly look for opportunities to improve our work, searching for best-in-class practices where appropriate, and not reinventing the wheel.
•   Flexible. We are able and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
•   Fun. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. We like to laugh and have fun.