Parent Engagement

While it's important to support students toward encouraging educational and personal growth, NEW Scholars knows how critical it is for parents to be involved and educated, too. Each month, we gather the parents of our NEW Scholars students for workshops that help them learn the tools they'll need to support their college-bound child through middle school, high school and on to the college/university of their choice.

Workshops are delivered to parents by our bilingual NEW Scholars staff, and provide information relevant to their child's specific grade level.

Some of the topics we cover in parent workshops include:

  • Monitoring their child's academic progress using web and mobile applications
  • Financial aid & scholarships
  • Summer pre-college programs
  • Standardized testing and GPA/grades
  • Exploring colleges and universities, and discussing factors such as cost, campus size, location, degree types, etc.
  • Creating an effective study space, and setting a regular, consistent homework schedule

The program also provides opportunities for parents to visit colleges and universities with their child. These visits are invaluable in helping parents see first-hand that college truly is possible for their child, and allows them to ask questions and learn from college/university admissions and financial aid experts.